About Us

BankersAdvise specializes in providing the financial services industry with financial risk management software supporting financial management and financial performance solutions.  Our solutions are directed toward the “C” suite in financial organizations.

BankersAdvise offers Software as a Service (“SaaS”) through its NXTsoftMountain™ cloud platform.  BankersAdvise cloud solutions include NXTsoftMountain Fixed Income Accounting©, NXTsoftMountain A/L© for financial IRR management and performance, and NXTsoftMountain Budget© for financial management.

NXTsoft offers cloud based solutions for  asset liability management, interest rate risk and credit stress.  NXTsoft’s offerings include:

  • NXTsoftMountain A/L©
  • NXTsoftMountain Budget©
  • NXTsoftMountain Fixed Income Accounting©
  • Risk Analytics©Risk Analytics Model©
  • A/L Reporter©
  • Balance Sheet Manager©
  • Cash Sources and Uses
  • Credit Stress Analytics©